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GwiGwi Oysters

Named after the traditional Baќwam word for the oystercatcher bird, the GwiGwi oyster is one of the most northerly oysters in British Columbia.

Nourished by cold natural waters from the land and sea, the GwiGwi oyster grows off of the rich organic nutrients and plankton of this pristine region, far away from populated areas.

GwiGwi oysters are perfect on the half-shell – the taste is delicate but firm in texture, exquisite, fresh, and full of flavour.

a bag of fresh K'awat'si Shellfish oysters on a table.

Ocean Wise Recommended

The symbol above represents sustainable seafood recommended by the @oceanwiseseafood program. As proud Ocean Wise partners, we are happy to offer our customers sustainable options that help support healthy oceans today and into the future. All of our products are packaged and prepared in a CFIA-licensed facility.

Savour Safety, Taste Sustainability

North Vancouver Island's Coastal Treasures

At K’awat’si Shellfish, we redefine excellence in Canadian shellfish. Discover unparalleled freshness and quality with each and every GwiGwi Oyster.  

Flavour Profile

The GwiGwi oyster embodies the essence of BC’s central coast. With delicate but firm textures and a briny balance that echoes the pristine Treadwell Bay, these oysters offer a taste of sweet creaminess, with a  fresh flavour.

Quality Guaranteed

From seed to harvest and from tide to table, we’re with your oysters at every stage, employing innovative cultivation methods, strict processing standards, and thorough safety testing. This meticulous approach ensures that our oysters are not only delicious but also the safest choice on the market.

Ocean Wise Certified

Seeing the Ocean Wise symbol is your assurance that the dedicated Ocean Wise Seafood science team has checked the product to ensure it is sustainable and supports healthy oceans and waterways.  
All of our products are packaged and prepared in a CFIA-licensed facility, ensuring you get the safest product available.

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